Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

Wee Jayden

Wee Jayden Chris’s younger brother (age- ‘way way younger than Chris’) loves crawling and is fluent in 3 languages- goo, ga and gaa. He loves being dressed up and taking part in Chris’s fantasies and imagination games and hopes to be a grown up one day when he grows up. He loves licking things. He says ‘goo goo gaga goo gaa goo ga goo gaga goo’ (baby translation- ‘I lick everything because then I know what everything tastes like’. (Respect those younger than you, they haven’t all your knowledge and experience. Also respect those older than you, you haven’t their experience and knowledge.)

The evil menacing eyes, bat silhouettes, and play toys that appear in the book are available from all good evil eye illustrators should anyone want them, but are cheaper in real life, so do be warned.