Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

The Magical Spell

How do you make your children learn about the world in the most innovative ways? Are you one of those people who believe in changing the world by educating their children first? Well, we have got your back! Imaginative fiction plays a vital role in shaping the perspectives of your child.

People over time have revolutionized their ways of writing, from adding supernatural elements to adding attractive illustrations; they have found ways to engage their children when it comes to stories. These narratives are beautifully aligned with illustrations. They contain a wise life lesson at the end that makes your children learn about morals, and helps them see the world from a different perspective.

For example, adding supernatural elements in the story like shaping the storyline with portraying unrealistic characters in an unrealistic world. The actions that take place in the unrealistic world might be unreal, but the lessons that all the unreal characters add to give is relatable. The purpose of adding supernatural elements is to make the story attractive for children enough to grasp their attention. Folktales are often overlapped with fables, myths, and legends, making it confusing to distinguish between these different stories. Folktales are passed from generation to generation, transferring the capsules of wisdom that are necessary to learn.

Gepetto introduces Mushroom Land‘ written by Chris Mc Ardle, is an amazing book with an interesting plot. The author has explained the story exceptionally by adding illustrations that will keep the children glued to the book ‘till the last page of the story. Gepetto introduces the readers to the Fairies world. He begins by introducing Fairy Godlovesu, the fairy of love and protection. Gepetto has a surprise for his readers, which is later introduced by the fairy Godlovesu. What can be the surprise? Well, let the surprise maintain the suspense as the readers will explore more interesting themes throughout the book.

Chris Mc Ardle is an author from Holland who has showcased his talent of writing an intriguing and mystical story beautifully, portraying the illustrations that will make the story a hundred times interesting for children. This book is not just for children but also for parents who can take insights about what innovation they can bring into their parenting style.

The book aims to develop a creative mindset for your child who can learn new concepts in the best way possible. ‘Gepetto introduces Mushroom Land‘ is a perfect addition to your children’s bedtime stories that will help them seek pleasure and be able to give second thoughts about the story.

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