Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

Rhineheart Superiorposedeer

Rhineheart Superiorstyledeer loves posing for country artistes looking to paint a picture of a posing deer with a forest background ideally, but he is open to offers on other backgrounds as long as there is nature involved. He feels at home with nature plus it makes his ass look big. He can stand for hours without moving a millimeter. Even statues would be jealous he tells himself. Rhineheart says ‘Power posing makes power chemicals in your body, and after he does ‘whatever pose’ even if only for a mere 2 minutes he feels that POSE VALUE. (Power posing-assuming a powerful pose for as little as 2 minutes a day has been shown to generate power chemicals in our bodies making us powerful people. Imagine you have just won the lottery raise your hands in the air and hold that pose. Pose like you were a King or Queen and looking down from the balcony of your castle at all your loving loyal servants and land before you.) He says we should all try it, for as little as only 2 minutes a day, not 9 hours a day like him posing for artistes and we will get great benefit out of it.