Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

Owly FlybydayHootbynight

Owly FlybydayHootbynight is very smart and teaches the Big Dark Haunted Forest’s open school night classes to nocturnal animals that want a better education for themselves. And also, the ones that can’t sleep and have nothing else better to do at that time of night, so they go to his classes and hope to fall asleep there. The animals only ever get to see him when the moon is shining, all the other times they can only hear his voice in the dark. Sometimes if it’s very dark he just plays a recording he made of himself earlier in the day, sits back listens to Mozart while that plays. The whole class still think he’s there in front of them lecturing away as they can’t see it’s too dark.

Owly says, ‘too but can’t see it’s too dark. whit too hoo too whit too hoo-that’s from a recent lecture he gave- it means (‘Educate yourself on important matters, respect the planet, and be nice to all living things.)