Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

Ohjazus ‘Buffalo Bull’ Gregorson

Ohjazus ‘Buffalo Bull’ Gregorson hates when people try steal gold off the leprechauns. Not only because stealing is wrong, but also becausehe thinks the leprechauns are sound. Plus, the leprechauns trim and varnish his hooves every Tuesday 8pm without fail, it makes him feel like a real man, well, manbull. This reminds him of his mother, she used to paint his hooves as a baby, well, babybull. He hopes one day to meet a matador and sit down and have a nice cup of tea with him and explain that bull fighting is all wrong, and if the matador still disagrees Ohjazus wants to love him to the moon and back with a free return ticket, from the tips of his horns in mighty fashion, to show him what it’s like to be ‘poked’. (Be nice to animals. Only for them we wouldn’t have this glorious planet to love as much.)