Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

Daisy Moo Cow and daughter Little Moo Isabelle

Daisy Moo Cow is the very proud mother of Little Moo Cow Isabella.

They both love the countryside, eating grass, classical music, chewing the cud, gymnastic ballet and hiding behind ditches mooing at strangers walking in the dark and scaring the living bejeekers out of them, and watching them run away at 3000mph.

Isabella wears a lovely red bell around her neck all the time, so her mother always knows where she is by the ‘jangle dangle dinga dinga dong dong’ sound of it. This way she can’t ever get lost in the countryside or when they go do Friday shopping at the big supermarket in town. If Isabella ever wanders off, as she is sometimes prone to do, her mother can always hear where she is and locate her. (Always be aware of your surroundings and everything in it, as you never know what may happen.)