Chris Mc Ardle

Children's Book Author

Chris’s mother Catherine

Chris’s mother Catherine (aka Maaaaaaammmm) has the most untimely knack of always interrupting his imaginary fantasies, (even though they are quite real to him) just as he is about to be the hero of the story. On his reality time when not indulging in fantasies and imagination (which is seldom) he is tasked by his mother to do many chores around the house, especially cutting the grass which he particularly doesn’t like. Only because he doesn’t like killing any living plants. Plus, it’s hard work with a scissors. And especially if it gets to shoulder height before anyone notices that it needs to be cut. Catherine loves spinning around and visiting everyone and getting all the gossip, and in her other spare time loves going shopping and getting all the gossip. She also loves trying to avoid the garden piers with her car as she returns home after a hard day getting all the gossip.